The BBH Club Card
Guaranteed prices for Frequent Sleepers
NZ's hostel network is very special. We think it's unequalled anywhere. It's special because it's grown to meet the requirements of a special sort of traveller. As it's grown it has become more sophisticated and now has an appeal for casual users who enjoy the informal and unpretentious atmosphere. But the network still exists primarily to cater for the confirmed traveller and the BBH Club Card is intended to identify these traditional users as FREQUENT SLEEPERS. Club Card holders receive the benefit of guaranteed  prices as listed on this site and other "official" BBH price lists including the printed BBH guide. Non Club members have no guarantee and may have to pay extra fees (commonly $3 plus) at any BBH hostel.

In addition, we've collected together a number of "Backpacker Friendly Companies" who offer Backpacker Friendly Prices (discounts and deals) to travellers identified with the BBH Club Card. Dozens of friendly fees are offered by all sorts of operators throughout NZ.
In the North , And in the South
They are listed geographically from North to South.

(and back again)

The BBH Club Card is not transferable. It costs NZ$45 and it comes complete with $20 worth of pre-paid phone calls useable from just about any touch-tone telephone in NZ. There's a handy voice-mail service available too. Phone calls can be made from many overseas countries too - see The TelstaClear web site for phone/voice mail information.

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The card can be purchased at BBH Backpacker Hostels, but if you like to be prepared before travelling, we can airmail your card to your home. There is a NZ$5 fee for post and handling. To order your card, go to...

Longer Term Visitors

Travellers visiting NZ for 3 months and more may find that buying their own vehicle is an attractive option.Your own vehicle can give you the freedom to explore the last corner of NZ. Older but very serviceable vehicles are very affordable. HOWEVER it could completely ruin your holiday if a driving accident were to leave you responsible for 1000s of dollars worth of damage to someone else's property. You should insure against this risk and BBH has made a "BBH Third Party Motor Insurance" policy available at several Auckland and Christchurch BBH hostels. It's attractively priced and designed specifically to suit car owning backpacker visitors.