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Now For Something Completely Different.

The amazing, the incredible, the vanishing - NO! we're still HERE! - & Still Standing Tall:-

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Foley Towers icon Yes! still here and still welcoming world travellers to our "Voyagers' Venue".

One of the original hostels that made "Backpackers" into destinations of choice for voyagers from around the globe.

After 28 years nothing's the same and nothing's changed.

There's a lot of tradition at Foley Towers. And we're still making it. We get occasional reports of Foley Towers re-unions in London and Tokyo and Toronto and Tel Aviv. Even a wedding now and then.

Come and be part of it, check a video or go to our facebook page for the latest news

Check our prices!

Our prices are rock bottom top quality solid.

These prices are for inveterate travellers with a BBH "frequent Sleeper" Club Card ($45). For others there's an extra four dollars.

- A corner of the garden -

Some of the garden

Or phone - our phone number is (03) 366-9720 and we answer it between 9am and 9pm.

Or you can email us at foley.towers@backpack.co.nz

Either way we need to know what sort of accommodation you prefer, the time and date you arrive, how you are travelling and your credit card details to secure the booking.

Alternatively, just go to the BBH on-line booking system for easy and very secure booking facilities.

Foley Towers is the sort of place WE like to stay when we're travelling. Clean, friendly, spacious, economical, hype-free.

Foley Towers is the sort of place we like to stay when we're NOT travelling. That's why we've been here for so long.

See you soon.
from Janet & Tom & our lovely managers.
Foley Towers
208 Kilmore St
New Zealand

- Another corner -